A. Santos Paradise Resort

Lemery, Batangas

Outdoor swimming pool
Snack bar
Videoke hall
Beach volleyball court
Basketball court
Boating leisure activities
Billiard hall
Picnic huts
Beach cottages

Telefax: (043) 411 2149
E-mail: asantosparadise@yahoo.com

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5 Commentsto A. Santos Paradise Resort

  1. Efren Yulo says:

    The place was nice but not well maintained. The sheets make your skin itch. What irritated me most was that the people in their office don’t fulfill the agreement that we made during my telephone inquiry. I was looking for a place in batangas where my friends and I can hang out. At first the lady who talked to me said that the price for the bungalow cottage was Php3,500 because it was “off-peak” season. So we decided to go there, and when time came for us to pay, the cashier said, the price was Php4,000. 500 may not be that much but, it’s a simple value of keeping your word that’s being violated. Next, the area is very unsecure. They have a sign in the entrance saying, “no outsiders” but lo and behold, vendors and other outsiders are inside the resort! We even lost a whole bag of rice and a big bottle of water! We thought we just left it at home but when we returned , we found out that we really did bring it but it was just stolen. So, if I were you, better look for other places when going to the beach in Lemery. Go somewhere else, not in A. Santos… it’s not a paradise, it’s HELL!

  2. Nancy Escuro says:

    I agree Efren Yulo. Hate that place and the price is not worth.

  3. ann says:

    i been there 2 months ago..the place was so good..you feel the fresh air and a friendly ambiance of the sea..i’ll be back there @ a.santos this summer with my family..the place was never disappointing me..even the staff…for me its really a paradise!

  4. Bob says:

    I visited a.santos about a year ago. I must say it was amazing. The staff was so polite and respectful, especially since I’m from the states. I do recommend that people pay a visit there, it would be worth their while! Videoke is awesome. It’s always a party at a.Santos!

  5. Agnus Dela Cruz says:

    I went to lemery in hopes of finding a nice resort for my family to enjoy their christmas break… and indeed I did. A. Santos is definitely not this “Hell” that Efren Yulo speaks of. His/her experience was much different than my familys. The staff accomodated to our every need. And made our stay verybpleasurable. I will go back soon & bring my friends from the states. A.santos is a very nice family resort.

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