Batis Ng Makiling Resort

Located 55 km north of bucal, Calamba City, Laguna, Batis ng Makiling is not only an ideal haven but also a very accessible wonderland.It will only take 45 minutes in a car and an hour in any southbound bus. Visitors may also visit our national hero’s ancestral home, after a good swim in the resort.

Also, enjoy it’s amenities that fits your needs like videoke corners and a place where you can play tennis and billiards.It’s air- conditioned and non-airconditioned rooms will also suite your standards.

For Inquiries,please call (049)545-1733

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6 Commentsto Batis Ng Makiling Resort

  1. Anna Bautista says:

    Pls. forward any contact number hir in manila.All information on your resort especially the rates or the entrance fee per head.

    Thank you.

  2. astonishing says:

    just wanna ask, how much is the rate of the air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms?
    gud 4 6 pax.. thnks

  3. dane says:

    are there any contact numbers besides (049)545-1733? mainly around manila area only?

  4. Heizelle SIgua says:


    Good Afternoon,

    May i know if you have summer accommodation for a group of 4?

    May i know your rates for April and May?

    Thank you.

  5. gheLai says:


    do you have any other contact numbers here in Manila or Cellphone number instead? We are interested to go to your resort but the informations that we have are limited (


  6. Smithd459 says:

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