Anonymous Rabaa was here

I'm here to message out to the world
I want to talk about the biggest massacre in the history of Egypt
One did not speak about it, "Rabaa case"
The Egyptian army killed a thousand people in Rabaa field
Do you know why?
For the most wanted freedom
I know what you think now
I know you will ask yourself why did not interfere with human rights, we have not heard about the case on television
We live in a society that does not exist for freedom
It is to kill all of urges for freedom


We are Rabaa Anonymous | We pirates Egyptian revolution | we oppressed Army | We do not forget nor forgive | We thorn in the side all unjust

we are : Mr.BlackGhost Dz & Dr.AFN[D]ENA & Generla Omega & El General & Mr.Moshkela Dr.Mezo0 & Hunter_eys & Almagek Kabo